You never know what will be a memory you want to remember. Now you don’t have to know. Save it in AyJay and leave the memories with us.

You can revisit your favorite moments with your favorite people without connecting to any social media!

Schedule future activities
Save photos and videos to each activity
Import/Export if you ever switch phones

Activity Tracking

Rate every social activity, save a video, and even a few pictures to remember the occasion.

Social Stats

Based on your activities, AyJay will show you all kinds of cool graphs and charts about your social life. You might be surprised at what you find out!

Social Calendar

Who the heck wants to put their dates and social activities on their Outlook calendar?
AyJay lets you plan your social life and revisit those activities later. Never double-book again.


Where do you socialize the most? Where do you spend the most money? Privately track your location preferences and trends.


If you really step back and think about it, there are patterns who who we hangout with the most. Whether it’s shared ideologies, convenience, location, age, hobbies, or anything in between — we naturally gravitate towards certain types of people.

Was it Bumble? Church? School? The gym? Tinder? The library? The coffee shop? With AyJay, you’ll get data about where you’re meeting people, at your fingertips.


Attach contacts (privately) to each activity and get generated contact ratings based on your experiences with them. AyJay will never connect your account to anything or anyone else, so all your information and activities are private.

Save useful information like race, gender, and other demographics and get to see what your social circle actually consists of, along with <em>who</em> you do <em>what</em> with the most!


If time is money, do you know how you’re spending yours?

Many times in social situations, we make poor decisions about how we’re spending our money. We pay for things we shouldn’t pay for, but unless you’re checking your bank account everyday, we pretty much get sheltered from those past decisions.

With AyJay, you will get a full view of how you’re spending your SOCIAL money: how much you spend with friends, on dates, which friends do you spend the most with, which of your hangout spots are the most expensive, and much much more!


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