AyJay Plus Has Tons of Features to Help You with Your
social activities.
money spent on socializing.
online dating trends.
social habits.


  • Add Future Activities and Fill Out the Details Later
  • Set Default Activity Type
  • Set Default Location i.e. Home
  • Attach up to 3 photos for an activity
  • Attach a video for an activity
  • Set a Scheduled Text Message After an Activity (eg. "Don't forget to send me that YouTube video we watched last night!")


  • Set Default Contact for all Activities (eg. spouse, significant other)
  • Upload Photo for Each Contact
  • Add Your Own Partner Types
    (eg. Coworker/Roommate/Hookup Buddy)
  • Save Additional Details
    (Race, Sexual Orientation, and more!)


  • Search & Filter Activities
  • Never Lose Your Data (Import/Export)
  • Filter Contacts by Details
  • See Nearby Contacts