WASHINGTON, DC – 6/08/2018  — Gandy Labs is pleased to announce the launch of a Indiegogo campaign that will allow the public to meet AyJay. AyJay is a social and dating activity tracker and journal, providing real-life insight into how users are spending their free time. From online dating to hangouts with siblings, AyJay lets you keep track of it all — all while generating data visualizations to go along.

“We believe people are going to fall in love with our product,” says Iverson Gandy, III–creator of AyJay. “This Indiegogo campaign, to raise $10,000, will help us develop a cutting-edge app that doesn’t sacrifice user experience for functionality for both iPhones and Android phones across the world as soon as possible”.

AyJay is your own personal Ac​ tivity J​ournal. “Currently, no one really ‘reflects’ on their social life.”, says Gandy. “You do something and it’s over. AyJay provides you with a way to plan and track your social life, including dates, friend activities, and even online dating experiences.”

Iverson says that the statistics are “meat and potatoes” of the app. Based on your activities, AyJay will give you a macro level look at your social life. What dating site do I spend the most money on? Which friend do I have the least fun with? Which of my go-to date spots have I rated the highest? Do I date more than I hangout with my friends? AyJay will tell you everything you’d want to know, plus maybe some statistics you may not want to face, such as friendships that are proving to be more of a burden than a pleasure.

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