Social Stats for The Average Person

Whether your social circle is filled with hundreds of people or just a close-knit group of “almost family” friends that you’ve known for years, the fact is, you’re probably spending a great deal of your time (and money) dating, hooking up, and going out. See how your stats measure up to the average person’s with the interesting facts and figures listed below.

Singles spend around $1,569 annual on dating.
Maybe it’s a coffee date. Maybe it’s an event. Maybe it’s an evening at the local bar. Maybe it’s a classic dinner and a movie. However you date, the average American reports that they will spend around $1,569/year. This tally also factors in the fees for dating site memberships, matchmakers, and other services that can help you get dates.

The majority of your spending, however, may not be spent on the date itself. Rather, you’re likely to spend a good deal of this money on looking your best in preparation for the date. Like by buying clothing, getting a haircut, or even having your nails done.

The most surprising thing, perhaps, is that this number doubled in just three short years, and it’s still on the rise. Another surprising fact? Women and men report spending about the same on dating, which is likely a result of the growing trend of “going dutch” when going out with someone. However, this same study found that while around 47% of women will offer to split the check to be polite, but most women said they would find it unattractive if the man accepts their offer.

Most people will spend 10 hours a week on dating apps.
Desperate for a date? Just looking for a quick hookup? Whatever the case may be, the average Millennial will spend around 10 hours a week on dating
apps searching for “the one” (or, at least, “the next one”). Men spend an average of about 85 minutes on Tinder and similar dating apps each day while women spend slightly less time at around 79 minutes each day. This isn’t all in one sitting, however. Most people log in about 10 times a day with the average session lasting 9 minutes, perhaps showing that most users are just looking for dates in their free time.

How Does Your Social Life Stack Up?
So, how much time and money are you spending in your social life? Considering that national surveys have found that a date consisting of two drinks, two movie tickets, two cappuccinos, and dinner for two will average between $82 (in the cheapest city of Indianapolis) and $174 (in the most expensive city of NYC), chances are, you’re probably spending more than you think chasing after love and attention.

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